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Sabtu, 17 Januari 2009

Eel? eew!

Ikan pelik - bak kata nics

Yesterday 15th January 2009 was the last day for our group to submit our paperwork on business venture. As long as I can remember, we have been discussing on the type of business venture that we want to enroll in for almost two weeks. In our minds, we have several titles that we think it will be a great success.

Unfortunately, our lecturer a.k.a Mr Baderisang (or Che’ Bad, as we call him), rejects ALL of our idea. To sum up, almost ten type of business we have proposed. We felt very demoralized as they were our brainstorming products for two weeks! And he rejects them all…. Then, as time flies by and he needs to go for his class, he gave us the hint of which project that should we try. He told us several stories based on his eating behavior and experiences. Then, he proposed us to one project that I can’t believe it.

‘Eels Farm’. . . .

We found that to do this title, may encumber us. We really don’t want to do that actually.. One of our group member, Khidir said that, we have to find another topic, if not, “kita terpaksa la belajar mencintai belut..

Aduh.. As a team leader, I decided to discuss with them, and we agreed to do this topic. At last, after some thinking, belut pun belut lah. Ikhlas, the one who has the biggest brain among us, thought there must be a reason why Che ‘ Bad rejects all that and give us his idea instead. Yes! We may get an extra mark for obeying him, who knows?

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