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Jumaat, 23 Januari 2009

H E C T I C!

Tomorrow January 23rd will be my last day for lecture as next week is our mid-semester break. I feel so happy because I get to see my beloved family and my girl back! And this will be my last time to travel by bus to KL. I decided to travel by train after the fare rose.

Actually, I feel more comfortable to travel by train as it is CHEAPER by 50% than the bus! That is my only point huhu. I happened to ride a bus because the train's ticket had sold out! Dulu, bas habis dulu, sekarang, terbalik.

Well, it is cheaper, of course.. What do you think?

Okay, during the break, the lecturers have set their own way for me to enjoy my break. Ouch.. Assignments.. Online Quizzes.. Lab reports.. Progress report.. and lastly, from Che’ Bad, business plan of the ikan pelik...I mean, belut. The break will not be a break for me. . . . . .

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