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Rabu, 21 Januari 2009

Time for electronics projects!

For your information, I am a final year student of Electrical Electronics Diploma program.

hat means, i have a looooott of work and task to be done. One of them is, electrical/electronics final year project (FYP). The project group consists of two, and my lab partner is a girl. My partner, whose name is Raihan and me, went to buy the project component this morning alongside Faid and Sanusi. We depart at 10.30 and arrives 30 minutes later (waiting for Sanusi took 10 minutes!).

Upon arriving, the list of the components needed was given to the shop assistant. But, the fact that most of us didn’t know is, the price of each component is not that expensive. But the things that raise the price are the ICs (Integrated circuits). Our project uses two ICs. One is a common 8 pin monolithic 555 timer (this one is cheaper, around 90 cents) and the other one is, 18 pins PIC 16F84 (programmable IC). This one is quite expensive, RM 15.00, unprogrammed.

We have to reprogramme it using Microprocessor devices that we have learn earlier. This may be tiresome as I am not programming type.. Raihan, will you do this for me? Huhu..

Wait, if you think that the 18 pinners is expensive, wait till you hear this. Our LCD display, is the most expensive of them all. RM 45.00. Damn. That is 62% of the overall price of RM 73.00! No wonder if your laptop’s LCD monitor broke down, you have to pay around RM 1700 to get it fixed. But actually, the price is not that high, depends on who do you seek help to fix it. (komisen maa!)

Plus, we did a simple circuit, and I personally think that our project is way way simpler than some of our friend with bigger brain. Their project may cost up to RM1500 per unit.

I am going pass that.....No money!

Limau + Pokok Limau?
Limau + Pokok Limau?

This project burns a hole to my pocket! Well, at least the tauke gave us 4 limau mandarin as the Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Thank you very much!

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