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Khamis, 20 Februari 2014

Why I love my beard

It has been countless times where I was told by my boss to shave in Korea. It is not easy to live with beard, unless you are a grandpa, a beggar or a homeless.

Beard has widely regarded as being messy and unkempt, and having a face as clean as baby’s bottom is encouraged. Doing business is easy with clean face. Working with Korean is also easier with clean face. It is a business standard conduct. But if you are an artist, it doesn't matter.

In Korea I have been clean shaven more than I did in my whole life. Not because I want to, but because my boss told me to.

And I keep wondering because in ancient time the king and scholar had a majestic beard. Take a look at the Korean Won.

I love my beard. I remember when I started to keep it grows during my university years, my mom would tell me to shave it off. I couldn’t grow it during my secondary school (aged 13 to 17) as the school law prohibits the student from having facial hair.

(I wonder why some tamil/sikh student got to keep his moustache while we Muslim cannot keep our beard?)

A hot-headed and stubborn kid I was (and still am), I refuse to shave it clean. However, being an obedient son, I keep it trimmed and neat and my mother would be my quality checker. Whenever she tells me I need to shave, I would trim it to be a goatee even though it doesn’t make much difference. I just want it to be there.

While I am not living with my mom, the beard is free again.

I love my beard because….

1.    It is sunnah of Prophet Muhammad.

Any muslim man need to keep his beard. This is to distinguish between a muslim man and non muslim. However it is encouraged but not compulsory as not many can grow beard, right?

And most important thing to remember, having beard doesn't mean he is a terrorist. If that so, Santa Claus would be dropping bombs instead of presents.

2.  It is the source of inspiration..

During my university years, when I was doing some task or assignments, sometimes I got stuck in finding a solution. That’s when the goatee comes in handy. A few rubs, and the light bulb appeared. Eureka!

Ever wonder why the great scientist / philosophers from the old time (Socrates, Avenzoar, Plato etc) keep their beard? I think this relates. It doesn’t have anything to do with razor non-existence. They have razor since they have sword.

3.    It is the sign of masculinity, and respect..

As a man, without beard, you will either look like a baby, or a girl. It is not a perception, it is a fact. I tried to be clean shaven once, and the treatment from the strangers is different. It is like I am still a teenager. With beard, I am an adult. And they respect me from every angle.

4.    It is a face warmer..

It is cold in Korea. I need to stay warm. The facial skin keep drying and you know what? The natural oily substances from the beard will moisten it up.

5.    Shaving is hurting..

One of the reasons is this. It is either I got a cut, or the ingrown hair which is the after effect of shaving. It will become itchy and irritating. If the stubble still wants to grow, they will grow even through your flesh. So let them grow freely!

6.    Chick digs facial hair..

I can’t say all. It also depends on the culture (at least in Malaysia). I asked Chinese and Korean girl, most of them don’t like it. I asked Middle Eastern and European, they like it and call it sexy and macho. And some of them are neutral as long as you are not bald.
Be like Orlando Bloom, at least
(How about bald with full beard?)

Whatever the reason is, as soon as I am back from Korea, I will sport a bearded look again – the identity I have been showing since the past 7 years.
Till the time comes.

February 20, 2014

Rabi’ul Akhir 19, 1435 H

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