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Rabu, 11 Mac 2009

Being a graduate – What should you have?

I just received a newsletter from my colleague – about what should student have upon graduating?

Personally, I have my own view about this topic. Being a student in a local university make me think, and make me feel that our graduates lack many skills – it doesn’t matter if it is hard skills or soft skills – let’s consider both.

Speaking – Bilingual or more!

Within this several years, job market size increase rapidly, especially in the professional field (accountancy, engineering, medical etc). I admit that most of them pass with flying colors and they are the cream of the cake. But lacking in soft skills especially communicating skill can not be tolerated.

From my observation from several Higher Learning Institution (Or Institut Pengajian Tinggi (IPT) in Malay), most of them are graduating with First Class Degree (CGPA > 3.50). On the contrary, they lack speaking skill. Most job interviewer were discontented of this. Despite of having the best result, speaking skill is important.

Furthermore this phenomenon are involving most of our Malay student. They couldn’t speak nor write well, especially in English. Other races such as Chinese and Indian – they are fluent in at least three (3) languages. These advantages help them to be in the top group of employers’ list – of who should they hire.

In addition, Malays are at great disadvantage if the employers make such nonsense requirement as:
1. Fluent in Mandarin;
2. Or fluent in Tamil for example.
We do have Bahasa Melayu as our National Language or English as our option as everyone could understand, don’t we?

For example, in UiTM, taking a third language course for undergraduate students is obligatory (diwajibkan). In other university such as KUKUM (Unimap) they are optional (source: my friend who studied there). Having this course taken meaning that you are eligible and able to understand their language. It is okay if you are speaking in certain patois (loghat daerah) as long as others can understand.


Being a good student doesn’t make you a good worker. But good learner + good practitioner = good worker. 

Remember this always. Being enthusiastic in your task will bring you to greater height in your job field. Without it, you will remain in your position till the day of your retirement. You really don’t want this to happen, right?

Field Compatibility
You are a graduate in Business Administration, but you are applying for a job as Civil Engineer. That would be a total reject! You should consider applying for a job in same field, unless you are applying to work in administration part. Let’s say, if you have a degree in Accountancy, then you are eligible for a job that require Business Administration as it is in the same field.
The analysis above are just a little, there are lots more to come next. If you feel that you are lacking any of those mentioned above, read the proverb below:

Never late to turn, never late to learn!

You still have time to make a difference and to learn those skills.

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